Abbott and Costello in the Foreign Legion (1950)

Original U.S. Lobby Card
(11" x 14")


Card #: TC | Those famous funny men join forces with the world famous fighting men… and the laugh battle is on

Condition: Very Good to Fine – With a few small border tears and creases.
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IMDb ID: tt0042179 | Location: LC38

Story Line

Jonesy and Lou are in Algeria looking for a wrestler they are promoting. Sergeant Axmann tricks them into joining the Foreign Legion, after which they discover Axmann’s collaboration with the nasty Sheik Hamud El Khalid. Bits include Lou’s mirage sightings, one a New York newsboy (“they gave me a bad corner”).

The cast includes: Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, Patricia Medina, Walter Slezak, Douglass Dumbrille, Leon Belasco, Marc Lawrence, William ‘Wee Willie’ Davis, Tor Johnson, Sammy Menacker, Jack Raymond, Fred Nurney, Paul Fierro, Henry Corden, Eric Alden, Bobby Barber, Baynes Barron, Guy Beach, Barry Brooks, Candy Candido, Jeff Chandler, John Cliff, Jack Davidson, Bob Evans, David Gorcey, Chuck Hamilton, Charmienne Harker, Ted Hecht, George Magrill, Frank Malet, Ernesto Molinari, Alberto Morin, Peter Ortiz, Ann Robinson, Buddy Roosevelt, Jack Roper, Dan Seymour, Mahmud Shaikhaly, Jack Shutta, Harry Wilson, Guy Zanette

Directed by: Charles Lamont

Genres: Comedy