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Al McCoy

Signed 5" x 7" Photo


Complete with the original envelope it was mailed in, in 1947! McCoy was a boxing World Middleweight Champion from 1914-1917.

Inscription: Regards

Condition: Fine to Very Fine
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Al McCoy

Al McCoy (October 23, 1894 – August 22, 1966), born Alexander Rudolph, was a boxing World Middleweight Champion from 1914 to 1917. He had a total of 157 bouts. Of those determined officially by boxing judges, he won 44 with 27 by knockout, and had 6 losses, and 6 draws. Around 107 of his fights were no decision bouts.

Referees and judges in this era could not render a decision for fights in New York and most other states except in the case of a disqualification or knockout. McCoy’s BoxRec record on the right has newspaper coverage determining the winner for his large number of no decision bouts. Newspapers could also determine the outcome of a fight as a draw.

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