Bride for Sale (1949)

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IMDb ID: tt0041208 | Location: LC11

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Story Line

Nora Shelley is a tax expert for the accounting company which is led by Paul Martin. She thinks she can find a suitable husband by inspecting their clients’ tax documents. Martin finds out and tries to dissuade her from this approach, later enlisting the help of his friend Steve Adams, who tries to woo Shelley.

The cast includes: Claudette Colbert, Robert Young, George Brent, Max Baer, Gus Schilling, Charles Arnt, Mary Bear, Ann Tyrrell, Paul Maxey, Burk Symon, Georgia Caine, Thurston Hall, Patsy Moran, Hans Conried, Frank Orth, Harry Wilson, Everett Glass, Florence Auer, Grayce Hampton

Directed by: William D. Russell

Genres: Comedy