Bulldog Drummond at Bay (1947)

Original U.S. Lobby Card
(11" x 14")


Card #: TC | Duo-tone

Condition: Good to Very Good – With border wear, minor soiling & a small tear on the right edge, an embossed censor stamp & #9 on the lower border, several smaller creases, edge and corner wear. There are also a few pieces of “kraft” tape on the reverse.
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IMDb ID: tt0039229 | Location: LC39

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Story Line

“Bulldog” Drummond is vacationing in his country home in England, and his house if rifled by two thieves. After they leave he finds a card marked with some mysterious letters. Doris Meredith comes by the next day, pretending her car has broken down. Drummond knows better but plays along with her. Drummond calls Scotland Yard Inspector Holmes, and is informed that some of the letters comprise the code-name for a Yard-man who disappeared while carrying some diamonds from France to England. Doris tells Drummond the man is her brother. Drummond uses a decoy to lure the thieves out of hiding, but they adduct Doris.

The cast includes: Ron Randell, Anita Louise, Patrick O’Moore, Terry Kilburn, Holmes Herbert, Lester Matthews, Leonard Mudie

Directed by: Sidney Salkow

Genres: Adventure, Crime, Mystery