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Debbie Reynolds Entertainment Museum – Chariot – Ticket Booth

One of a kind custom-made!!! ..at a Blow-Out Price!


Straight from Debbie Reynolds Entertainment Museum in Las Vegas, this one of a kind item is an amazing statement piece! Our loss is your gain! We initially acquired this item on behalf of one of our clients, who determined after the fact, that due to the size of this item, it would not fit into their location. As a result, we are blowing this item out at an amazing price to free up space in our warehouse!

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This unique item was the ticket booth in Debbie’s Las Vegas museum, and was designed after Charlton Heston’s chariot from Ben-Hur. According to Debbie, parts of this podium style chariot are actual original movie props (check out the bronze medallions)!

The chariot was purchased from the estate of Debbie Reynolds, and comes with an auction catalog that features the piece, as a means of provenance.

This large piece measures approximately 7’x 6’x 6′ (Length from front to end of stairs, Width includes two removable 12″ thick metal banded wheels, height is floor to top of front medallion “belt”), and weighs several hundred pounds.

We have included a couple of photos, which unfortunately don’t do the real thing justice. We have also included (a very grainy) image of the chariot in Debbie’s Las Vegas position.

Notes: Due to the size of this item, it is available for pick-up only, in the Los Angeles area. Also, due to its size, it will not fit through a normal 36″ door, so it will require oversize entry doors. Feel free to use the Contact Us page to request additional information.