5th Ave Girl (1939)

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IMDb ID: tt0031302 | Location: LC9

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Story Line

A wealthy man hires a poor girl to play his mistress in order to get more attention from his neglectful family.

The cast includes: Ginger Rogers, Walter Connolly, Verree Teasdale, James Ellison, Tim Holt, Kathryn Adams, Franklin Pangborn, Ferike Boros, Louis Calhern, Theodore von Eltz, Alexander D’Arcy, Harlan Briggs, Jack Carson, Mildred Coles, Herbert Corthell, Kernan Cripps, Dorothy Dilly, Bess Flowers, Aaron González, Roy Gordon, Dell Henderson, Dick Hogan, Robert Emmett Keane, Cornelius Keefe, Louis King, Florence Lake, Charles Lane, Manda Lane, Harold Langdon, Larry McGrath, Roger Neury, Lionel Pape, Earl Richards, George Rosener, Peggy Stewart, Max Wagner, Phil Warren, Josephine Whittell, Kenny Williams

Directed by: Gregory La Cava

Genres: Comedy, Romance