Hollywood Round-Up (1937)

Original U.S. One Sheet
(27" x 41")


A New Kind of Action Drama with Cowboy superstar Buck Jones and Three Stooges funnyman Shemp Howard! |

Condition: Fair to Good – With paper loss and a few tears on the upper left edge, as well as some fold separation.
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Story Line

While filming a western on location, the stand-in/stunt double for an egotistical cowboy movie star proves his heroics when a “fake” bank robbery turns out to be the real thing.

The cast includes: Buck Jones, Helen Twelvetrees, Grant Withers, Shemp Howard, Dickie Jones, Eddie Kane, Monte Collins, Warren Jackson, Lester Dorr, Lee Shumway, Edward Keane, George Beranger, Steve Clark, Roger Daniel, George DeNormand, Frank Ellis, Donald Kerr, Johnny Luther, Cliff Lyons, William McCall, Merrill McCormick, Bill Patton, George Plues, Catherine Sanford, Harry Semels, Silver, Rudy Sooter, Slim Whitaker, Bob Woodward, Hank Worden, Jimmy Zahner

Directed by: Ewing Scott

Genres: Western