Incendiary Blonde (1945)

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IMDb ID: tt0037816 | Location: LC45

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Story Line

Paramount’s highly-fictionalized 1945 musical biography of Texas Guinan, the Roaring ’20s New York nightclub owner and celebrity with alleged underworld connections who famously greeted her customers with the phrase, “Hello, suckers!”

The cast includes: Betty Hutton, Arturo de Córdova, Charles Ruggles, Albert Dekker, Barry Fitzgerald, Bess Flowers, Mary Philips, Bill Goodwin, Eduardo Ciannelli, Billy Bletcher, Francis Ford, Maurice Rocco, Erville Alderson, Mabel Adams, Muriel Barr, Matthew Boulton, Don Brodie, Ann Carter, Lane Chandler, Davison Clark, Don Costello

Directed by: George Marshall

Genres: Music, Romance