It Ain’t Hay (1943)

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Story Line

Abbot and Costello must find a replacement for a woman’s horse they accidentally killed after feeding it some candy. They head for the racetrack, find a look-a-like and take it. They do not realize that the nag is “Tea Biscuit,” a champion racehorse.

The cast includes: Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, Grace MacDonald, Cecil Kellaway, Eugene Pallette, Patsy O’Connor, Leighton Noble, Shemp Howard, Samuel S. Hinds, Eddie Quillan, Richard Lane, David Hacker, Andrew Tombes, Wade Boteler, Selmer Jackson, The Vagabonds, The Four Step Brothers, Charles Bennett, Eddie Bruce, George Bruggeman, Alex Callam, James Clemens, Eddie Coke, Charles Coleman, Fred Cordova, Hal Craig, Harold DeGarro, Walter Dennis, Paul Dubov, Dorothy Elswit, James Flavin, William Forrest, Eddie Foster, Janet Ann Gallow, Don Germano, Stephen Gottlieb, Kit Guard, Tom Hanlon, Harry Harvey, Vinton Hayworth, Hans Herbert, Herbert Heyes, The Hollywood Blondes, Robert Homans, George Humbert, Kate Drain Lawson, Barry Macollum, Mike Mazurki, Ray Miller, Jack Norton, Gene O’Donnell, Spec O’Donnell, Frank Penny, Ralph Peters, Pete Peterson, Lorin Raker, Rod Rogers, Tilio Russo, John Sheehan, Charles Sherlock, Will Stanton, Sammy Stein, Harry Strang, Al Torrieri, Herb Vigran, Pierre Watkin, Bobby Watson, Matt Willis

Directed by: Erle C. Kenton

Genres: Comedy