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The James Dean Story (1957)

Original U.S. One Sheet Movie Poster
(27" x 41")


“The real story of the most talked about star of our time!”

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IMDb ID: tt0050558 | Location: Rack1 Shlf2 Brd/Bg’d

Story Line

Released two years after James Dean’s death, this documentary chronicles his short life and career via black-and-white still photographs, interviews with the aunt and uncle who raised him, his paternal grandparents, a New York City cabdriver friend, the owner of his favorite Los Angeles restaurant, outtakes from East of Eden, footage of the opening night of Giant, and Dean’s ironic PSA for safe driving.

The cast includes: Martin Gabel, Lew Bracker, Marvin Carter, Patsy D’Amore, Charles Dean, Emma Dean, Louis de Liso, Arlene Martel, Lili Kardell

Directed by: Robert Altman, George W. George

Genres: Documentary