Lady in a Jam (1942)

Original U.S. Lobby Card (11" x 14")


What a jam! What a ‘lady’! What a gent! What a jerk! What a terror! What a lamb!

Condition: Good – With a horizonal crease the width of the card, about 1″ up from the bottom edge. There is also a small crease on the right edge, along with a few pin holes.
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IMDb ID: tt0034963 | Location: LC59

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Story Line

A psychiatrist’s patient, a nutty heiress, travels west to find gold in her grandfather’s abandoned mine. The psychiatrist, unable to talk her out of it, decides to follow her out there.

The cast includes: Irene Dunne, Patric Knowles, Ralph Bellamy, Eugene Pallette, Queenie Vassar, Jane Garland, Samuel S. Hinds, Charles Lane, Hardie Albright, Edward McWade, Russell Hicks, Robert Homans, Isabel La Mal, Irving Bacon, Hobart Cavanaugh, Veda Ann Borg, Bess Flowers, Charles Coleman, Emmett Vogan, Theodore von Eltz, Fuzzy Knight, Kathleen Howard, Edward Gargan

Directed by: Gregory La Cava

Genres: Comedy, Romance