The Lost Moment (1947)

Original U.S. One Sheet Movie Poster<BR>(27" x 41")


This poster features an awesome image of Cummings and Hayward and what looks like a haunted castle and a very creepy looking old lady in a rocking chair (a-la Norman Bates’ mother!)

Condition: Very Good to Fine – With minor fold wear/separation and a couple small fold tears.
Please check the included image closely to assist you in your purchasing decision.

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Story Line

In a long flashback, a New York publisher is in Venice pursuing the lost love letters of an early-19th-century poet, Jeffrey Ashton, who disappeared mysteriously. Using a false name, Lewis Venable rents a room from Juliana Bordereau, once Jeffrey Ashton’s lover, now an aged recluse. Running the household is Juliana’s severe niece, Tina, who mistrusts Venable from the first moment. He realizes all is not right when late one night he finds Tina, her hair unpinned and wild, at the piano. She calls him Jeffrey and throws herself at him. The family priest warns Venable to tread carefully around her fantasies, but he wants the letters at any cost, even Tina’s sanity.

The cast includes: Robert Cummings, Susan Hayward, Agnes Moorehead, Joan Lorring, Eduardo Ciannelli, John Archer, Frank Puglia, Minerva Urecal, William Edmunds

Directed by: Martin Gabel

Genres: Drama, Thriller, Romance