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A Man’s World (1942)

Original U.S. Lobby Card (11" x 14")


Card #: TC | Dynamite in the hands of spies… and dynamite in the lips of a woman!

Condition: Good – With overall yellowing, pin/tack holes, edge & corner wear, and minor paper loss in the upper right corner.
Please check the included image closely to assist you in your purchasing decision.

IMDb ID: tt0035032 | Location: LC28

Story Line

Somewhere beyond the shores of the United States on a small island, where men ask no questions, women reveal no past and spies neither receive nor expect any mercy, a giant Chromite plant is working full blast to supply the United Nations with the precious war-metal. This is the story of that mine and the people working it in a land the law forget, but the evil and devious Nazis remembered.

The cast includes: William Wright, Marguerite Chapman, Larry Parks, Wynne Gibson, Roger Pryor, Frank Sully, Ferris Taylor, Edward Van Sloan, Clancy Cooper, James Millican, Lloyd Bridges, Al Hill, Ralph Peters, Thelma White, Frank Richards, Shirley Patterson, Al Bridge

Directed by: Charles Barton

Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama