Marnie (1964)

Original U.S. Lobby Card
(11" x 14")


Card #: 1 | Sean Connery glares at Tippi Hedren in a bedroom.

Condition: Fine – With a couple corner bumps
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IMDb ID: tt0058329 | Location: LC30

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Story Line

Marnie is a thief, a liar, and a cheat. When her new boss, Mark Rutland, catches on to her routine kleptomania, she finds herself being blackmailed.

The cast includes: Tippi Hedren, Sean Connery, Diane Baker, Martin Gabel, Louise Latham, Alan Napier, Bob Sweeney, Milton Selzer, Henry Beckman, Edith Evanson, Mariette Hartley, Bruce Dern, S. John Launer, Meg Wyllie, Kimberly Beck, Rupert Crosse, Melody Thomas Scott, Lillian Bronson, Kenner G. Kemp, Harold Gould, Emmaline Henry, Alfred Hitchcock

Directed by: Alfred Hitchcock

Genres: Mystery, Thriller