My Little Chickadee (1940)

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Story Line

Set in the American Old West of the 1880s, Miss Flower Belle Lee (Mae West) is on her way to visit relatives out west. While she is traveling on a stagecoach a masked bandit on horseback holds up the stage for its shipment of gold. As he makes his getaway with the gold, he takes Flower Belle with him. Flower Belle then walks into town under suspicion of being in collusion with the bandit.

The cast includes: W.C. Fields, Mae West, Joseph Calleia, Dick Foran, Ruth Donnelly, Margaret Hamilton, Donald Meek, Fuzzy Knight, Willard Robertson, George Moran, Jackie Searl, Fay Adler, Gene Austin, Russell Hall, Otto Heimel, Mark Anthony, Hank Bell, William Benedict, Georgie Billings, Wade Boteler, Al Bridge, Harlan Briggs, Bob Burns, Eddie Butler, Lane Chandler, Lita Chevret, Bing Conley, Jimmy Conlin, William B. Davidson, Clyde Dembeck, Jan Duggan, Frank Ellis, Al Ferguson, Chester Gan, Slim Gaut, Ben Hall, Buddy Harris, Charles Hart, Edward Hearn, Otto Hoffman, Lloyd Ingraham, Danny Jackson, Si Jenks, John Kelly, Walter McGrail, Robert McKenzie, Charles McMurphy, George Melford, James C. Morton, Anne Nagel, Vester Pegg, Bob Reeves, Addison Richards, Betty Roche, Jack Roper, Dick Rush, Buster Slaven, Dorothy Vernon, Morgan Wallace, Delmar Watson, Blackie Whiteford, Joe Whitehead, Bill Wolfe

Directed by: Edward F. Cline

Genres: Comedy, Western

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