Octopussy (1983)

SIGNED - Original U.S. One Sheet
(27" x 41")


Nobody does it better… thirteen times. | Signed by Maud Adams (With COA)

Condition: Very Fine – Rolled!
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Story Line

James Bond is sent to investigate after a fellow “00” agent is found dead with a priceless Fabergé egg. James Bond follows the mystery and uncovers a smuggling scandal and a Russian General who wants to provoke a new World War.

The cast includes: Roger Moore, Maud Adams, Louis Jourdan, Kristina Wayborn, Kabir Bedi, Steven Berkoff, David Meyer, Tony Meyer, Desmond Llewelyn, Robert Brown, Lois Maxwell, Michaela Clavell, Walter Gotell, Vijay Amritraj, Albert Moses, Geoffrey Keen, Douglas Wilmer, Andy Bradford, Philip Voss, Bruce Boa, Richard LeParmentier, Paul Hardwick, Suzanne Jerome, Cherry Gillespie, Dermot Crowley, Peter Porteous, Eva Rueber-Staier, Jeremy Bulloch, Tina Hudson, William Derrick, Stuart Saunders, Patrick Barr, Gabor Vernon, Hugo Bower, Ken Norris, Tony Arjuna, Gertan Klauber, Brenda Cowling, David Grahame, Brian Coburn, Michael Halphie, Mary Stavin, Carolyn Seaward, Carole Ashby, Cheryl Anne, Jani-Z, Julie Martin, Joni Flynn, Julie Barth, Kathy Davies, Helene Hunt, Gillian De Terville, Safira Afzal, Louise King, Tina Robinson, Alison Worth, Janine Andrews, Lynda Knight, Susanne Dando, Teresa Draddock, Kirsten Harrison, Christine Cullers, Lisa Jackman, Jane Aldridge, Christine Gibson, Tracy Llewellyn, Ruth Flynn, Roberto Germains, Richard Graydon, The Hassani Troupe, The Flying Cherokees, Carol Richter, Josef Richter, Vera Fossett, Shirley Fossett, Barrie Winship, Ravinder Singh Reyett, Gurdial Sira, Michael Moor, Sven Surtees, Peter Edmund, Ray Charles, Talib Johnny

Directed by: John Glen

Genres: Adventure, Action, Thriller