On with the Show! (1929)

Original U.S. Lobby Card
(11" x 14")


Card #: N/A | cast in front of house – guys in front

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IMDb ID: tt0020238 | Location: LC43

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Story Line

With unpaid actors and staff, the stage show Phantom Sweetheart seems doomed. To complicate matters, the box office takings have been robbed and the leading lady refuses to appear. Can the show be saved?

The cast includes: Arthur Lake, Betty Compson, Sally O’Neil, William Bakewell, Joe E. Brown, Ethel Waters, Louise Fazenda, Sam Hardy, Harry Gribbon, Anita Garvin, Purnell Pratt, Thomas Jefferson, Otto Hoffman, Harry Fink, Josephine Huston, Madeline Fairbanks, Marion Fairbanks, Angelus Babe, Ted Billings, Mildred Carroll, Harold Miller, Harmony Four Quartette, Carolynne Snowden, John William Sublett, Marguerite Warner

Directed by: Alan Crosland

Genres: Romance, Music