The Patient in Room 18 (1938)

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Story Line

Choreographer Bobby Connolly and prolific screenwriter Crane Wilbur teamed up on the direction of Warner Bros.’ The Patient in Room 18. Patric Knowles delivers a delightfully comic performance as Lance, an outwardly normal young man obsessed with detective stories. When his obsession threatens to lapse over into lunacy, Lance is sent to the hospital for a nice long rest. It isn’t long before he gets mixed up in a genuine murder mystery, using his second-hand knowhow to solve the case. Up-and-coming Ann Sheridan is quite amusing as Lance’s nurse and confidante, while the murderer is played by a fellow who is usually cast as the murder victim.

The cast includes: Patric Knowles, Ann Sheridan, Eric Stanley, John Ridgely, Rosella Towne, Jeanne Benedict, Charles Trowbridge, Cliff Clark, Harland Tucker, Edward Raquello, Vickie Lester, Edward McWade, Ralph Sanford, Frank Orth, Greta Meyer, Walter Young, Glen Cavender, Loia Cheaney, Mary Doyle, Ralph Dunn, John Harron, George Hickman, Stuart Holmes, Carole Landis, Jack Mower, George Offerman, Jr., John J. Richardson

Directed by: Bobby Connolly, Crane Wilbur

Genres: Horror, Thriller