Second Chorus (1941)

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IMDb ID: tt0033029 | Location: LC43

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Story Line

Danny O’Neill and Hank Taylor are rival trumpeters with the Perennials, a college band, and both men are still attending college by failing their exams seven years in a row. In the midst of a performance, Danny spies Ellen Miller who ends up being made band manager. Both men compete for her affections while trying to get the other one fired.

The cast includes: Fred Astaire, Paulette Goddard, Artie Shaw, Charles Butterworth, Burgess Meredith, Frank Melton, Jimmy Conlin, Don Brodie, Marjorie Kane, Joan Barclay, Willa Pearl Curtis, Phil Arnold, Bobby Barber, Bus Bassey, William Benedict, Vernon Brown, Billy Butterfield, Romaine Callender, Jack Cathcart, Heinie Conklin, Gordon De Main, Jud De Naut, Nick Fatool, Jack Gordon, Johnny Guarnieri, Ben Hall, Alton Hendrickson, Jack Jenney, Jerry Jerome, Adia Kuznetzoff, Lillian Lawrence, Alexander Leftwich, Ben Lessy, Joseph Marievsky, Charles R. Moore, Buddy Morrow, Spec O’Donnell, Hermes Pan, Neely Plumb, Albert Pollet, June Preston, Fred Rapport, Les Robinson, Charles Smith, Mary Stewart, Leonard Sues, Edward Thomas, Michael Visaroff, George Wendt, Poppy Wilde, Allen Wood

Directed by: H. C. Potter

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Music