She Walks by Night (1959)

Original U.S. One Sheet Movie Poster
(27" x 41")


“The true story of a woman who made love in the play capitals of the world”.

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IMDb ID: tt0053432 | Location: Rack1 Shlf2 Brd/Bg’d

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Story Line

Based on an actual post-war murder in Frankfurt, this standard docudrama by Rudolf Jugert is a serious treatment of the story as compared to the earlier, satirical film The Girl Rosemarie. The history of the case of Rosemarie, a hooker, and how she came to be strangled in her apartment is not completely clear. One of the suspects in the case was first charged, later acquitted, but never really free of an aura of culpability. British actress Belinda Lee plays the title role with her voice dubbed over in German.

The cast includes: Belinda Lee, Walter Rilla, Karl Lieffen, Claus Wilcke, Jan Hendriks, Paul Dahlke, Hans Nielsen, Karl Schönböck, Lina Carstens, Annette Grau, Hanna Micaela, Wolfgang Büttner, Paul Bös

Directed by: Rudolf Jugert

Genres: Drama, Crime