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The Falcon Takes Over (1942)

Vintage 9.25" x 7.5" Movie Still/Photo


Great original studio photo (not a copy or reproduction) featuring stars George Sanders & Lynn Bari, cheek to cheek. There is a studio snipe & stamp on the reverse, along with a photo credit for renowned Hollywood photographer Ernest A. Bachrach. The attached snipe is titled “Falcon Gets New Love”, but we believe this is basically a title for the text to follow.  The date stamp (Nov 26, 1941) puts the timing of the photo, during/near the film date of this 1942 release.

Condition: Good to Very Good – With minor (regular use) surface scratches, slight rippling on the lower edge due to snipe adhesive and a small crease on the top edge to the left of Sanders head. This photo may have had its borders trimmed off, if in fact it was originally released as an 8×10, or it could have been released in its current size.
Please check the included image closely to assist you in your purchasing decision.


Story Line

A society sleuth and a lady reporter try to track down a murderous thug’s lost girlfriend.Based on the Raymond Chandler book “Farewell, My Lovely”.


The cast includes: George Sanders, Lynn Bari, James Gleason, Allen Jenkins, Helen Gilbert, Ward Bond, Anne Revere, Turhan Bey, Hans Conried, George Cleveland, Edward Gargan, Harry Shannon, Selmer Jackson

Directed by: Irving Reis

Genres: Crime, Mystery