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Transatlantic (1931)

Original Window Card (14" X 22")


This is an incredibly rare (we’ve been unable to find a record of another) vintage Window Card, with a great art deco look.

Condition: Very Good to Fine – With corner bumps and some yellowing.
Please check the included image closely to assist you in your purchasing decision.

IMDb ID: tt0022500 | Location: WH1 Rack2 Bin2

Story Line

As a luxurious ocean liner makes its way across the Atlantic Ocean, the audience is made privy to the travails of several of its passengers. Edmund Lowe heads the cast as Monty Greer, a suave gambler who falls in love with Judy (Lois Moran), the daughter of immigrant lens grinder Rudolph Kramer (Jean Hersholt). In trying to recover some valuable securities stolen from banker Henry Graham (John Halliday), Greer finds himself in the middle of a fierce gun battle in the ship’s engine room. Meanwhile, Graham, who has been cheating on his wife Kay (Myrna Loy) with sexy dancer Sigrid Carline (Greta Nissen), is murdered by person or persons unknown. And that’s only three of the plot strands in this marvelously complex shipboard thriller.

The cast includes: Edmund Lowe, Lois Moran, John Halliday, Greta Nissen, Myrna Loy, Jean Hersholt, Earle Foxe, Billy Bevan, Eddie Borden, Jesse De Vorska, Crauford Kent, Claude King, James Kirkwood, Jack Low, Bob Montgomery, Goodee Montgomery, Edmund Mortimer, Louis Natheaux, Rosalie Roy, Henry Sedley, Larry Steers

Directed by: William K. Howard

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Thriller