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Where the Pest Begins (1945)

Original U.S. One Sheet (27" x 41") [On Linen]


RARE One Sheet from this classic Shemp Howard solo Columbia short. Shemp solo posters and lobby cards are extremely difficult to find (much harder than finding Three Stooges items)! This and a few other One Sheets as well as some lobby cards…including a few complete sets are available from Silver Screen Collectibles, only due to the fact that one of our owners collected these items over a 35+ year period. You can find out more about this on ShempHoward.com
Condition: Very Fine – Restored on Linen. Note: Any perspective issues (things looking out of square) are a result of the angle the photo was taken, and are not indicative of the actual poster.
Please check the included image(s) closely to assist you in your purchasing decision.

Story Line

Jonathan Bass (Tom Kennedy), an inventor working for the government, makes the mistake of his life. He moves next door to Shemp. Lazy, obtuse and obnoxious, Shemp plays the good neighbor by wrecking the Bass’ garage, car and china… and somehow makes it look to Bass’ wife (Christine McIntyre) that Jonathan is clumsily at fault. Bass’ latest project is a new bomb for the Army, and it’s only a matter of time before helpful Shemp turns up in the laboratory basement offering his assistance.


The cast includes: Shemp Howard, Tom Kennedy, Christine McIntyre, Rebel Randall, Harry Tenbrook

Directed by: Harry Edwards

Genres: Comedy