Wings Over Honolulu (1937)

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IMDb ID: tt0029784 | Location: LC50

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Story Line

A Navy pilot gets involved in a romantic triangle while stationed in Hawaii.

The cast includes: Ray Milland, Wendy Barrie, William Gargan, Kent Taylor, Polly Rowles, Samuel S. Hinds, Mary Philips, Clara Blandick, Margaret McWade, Louise Beavers, Joyce Compton, Al Kikume, Ralph Steed Garrison, Robert Andersen, Franklyn Ardell, Granville Bates, P.M.L. Bellinger, John Bruce, Rudolph Chavers, Grace Cunard, Jack Egan, Eddie Fetherston, Robert Gleckler, Maude Turner Gordon, Mildred Gover, Jonathan Hale, Sherry Hall, Maynard Holmes, Philip Hurlic, Charles Irwin, John Kelly, Bernard Kikume, Isabel La Mal, Hazel Langton, Louise Latimer, Michael Loring, Lucia Lusca, Frank Marlowe, Frank Melton, Buddy Messinger, Ivan Miller, Jack Mulhall, George Offerman, Jr., Maybelle Palmer, Edith Penn, George Reed, Ruth Robinson, Virginia Rogan, Loretta Sayers, Arthur Singley, Robert Spencer, Milburn Stone, Martin Turner, Ray Turner, Max Wagner, Billy Wayne, Bud Wolfe

Directed by: H. C. Potter

Genres: Romance, Drama