Woman in Hiding (1950)

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IMDb ID: tt0042052 | Location: LC34

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Story Line

Deborah Chandler’s rejected suitor, Selden Clark, manages the factory of her father, who dies a suspicion death. But charming Clark manages to win her over and marry her. On the honeymoon, Clark’s former girl Patricia intervenes and opens Deborah’s eyes, alas too late. Now Clark tries to kill Deborah. Believed dead by all but Clark, she flees. But drifter Keith Ramsey recognizes and follows her. Can she trust him? Can he believe her?

The cast includes: Ida Lupino, Stephen McNally, Howard Duff, Peggy Dow, John Litel, Taylor Holmes, Irving Bacon, Don Beddoe, Joe Besser, William Gould, Ralph Brooks, Peggie Castle, Angela Clarke, David Clarke, Russ Conway, Harry Harvey, Gertrude Astor, Tony Curtis, Heinie Conklin, Tim Graham, Tom Coleman, Harold Goodwin, Fred Aldrich, Adolph Faylauer, Sam Finn, William J. O’Brien, James Conaty, Michael Gordon, John Harmon, Michael Kraike, Robert Haines, Jerry Hausner, Jimmie Horan, I. Stanford Jolley, Mike Lally, Howard M. Mitchell, William H. O’Brien, Frank O’Connor, Donald Kerr, Nolan Leary, George Magrill, Charles McAvoy, Hans Moebus, Jerry Paris, Carl Sklover, Brick Sullivan, Pierce Lyden, Guy Wilkerson, Ferris Taylor, Francis McDonald, William Val, Bill Walker

Directed by: Michael Gordon

Genres: Crime, Mystery

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